About Us

“Amici” n. (proper) friend, friends, or friendly
            Origin: Italian 1601 AD

AMICI IMPORTS: “Established in 2003”

Amici Imports is a leading wholesale and manufacturing company with various offices throughout the world. Diversified producers and importers of handmade area rugs and wall to wall rugs, constructed of natural materials. In 2007 Amici International, a subsidiary of Amici imports, formed offices and showrooms in Delhi, Dubai, and Shanghai with a unique European Design/Merchandising studio in Toronto Canada.

Amici Imports opened its doors knowing that their niche in the market place would be driven by innovation and uniqueness; influenced by a european flair. Our Designs are on the cutting edge encompassing the latest trends from fashion runways to interior design.

Each product is a perfect combination of design, texture and color… for your lifestyle

The Amici Family

Amici Imports

"We started the company among friends and we think, treat
and service our customers as our best friends."