After a long and productive 26 days in India and Nepal, Jeff and I are happy to be back home. Yes, even coming back to a cooler climate like Canada, since the average temperature in India reached 100 degrees.

We are pleased to report that our trip to India was a success and that the rug industry is picking up again in cities such as Varanasi, and Baohi.

Their roads were hustling and bustling filled with trucks, bicycles and carts, all carrying raw materials, yams, unfinished and finished rugs. We also saw many yam factories drying fields of yams. (Shown in attached picture)

With the shortage of yams available, the price of yams hit an all time high. Due to last year’s economy, production was down to resulting in weavers to look for jobs elsewhere. Now that production is moving again, manufacturers such as ourselves are being challenged with getting the weavers back with both yams and weavers going to the highest bidders, resulting in both prices of yams and weavers wages reaching an all time high.

During our trip we managed to expand our facilities of Amici International with our a-joining partners overseas. Developed new textures in both our rug department and other commodities with new colors and designs and re-structured our way of doing business so that our customers can benefit and be served with their needs. We are also in the planning stages of expanding and moving our head office and creating a large showroom in New York City much needed do to the growth of the company.

We are excited in introducing our most current work in July at the Atlanta Merchandising Mart and are looking forward to revealing it to every one.

In the meantime, the family at Amici Imports would like to extend our warmest regards and we would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support.

Love to hear from you,
Eva Di Adamo
E.V.P. Merchandising/Design

Re-Invent Your Space



The Holiday sale's season is over and the fashion retailer's like Saks and Nordstrom's are looking fresh again. There's a bustle of energy getting windows and stores ready for the new season.

Our rug industry should be doing the same. No matter what type of space you have, something can be done to give your space a fresh look. I'm saying this with experience, I've been at it way too long, merchandising lines throughout Europe, the U.S. and Canada.

Re-assorting merchandise can be a very effective way to re-invent your stores overall appearance, improve your customer's shopping experience and lift the spirit of your staff. It's a rejuvenation for all. Spaces that are ignored or over-crowded can be confusing and intimidating as well as a turn-off to your customer, quite frankly, I get claustrophobic. That's why I prefer merchandising rugs in a gallery form.

Rugs come in all shapes and sizes and are one of the more difficult products to handle. You have to commit an enormous amount of time and physical labor when you consider moving piles or re-assorting racks, that's one of the reasons why it's just as easy to let things stay status quo. However, we must look at those racks and piles and make those decisions. Ask yourselves?

-How old it is?
-What is its value today?
-Should it be on sale?
-Are my piles too high?
-Are my aisles clear?
-Should I send out a mailer or e-mail to customers regarding new merchandise?
-Where is my sale section? Where would it look best in the store?
-Is it fashionable/ current?
-What should go in the window?

Your stores appearance is an extension of yourself, of how you want to be perceived by friends and acquaintances. Remember you never get that second chance at a first impression.

May I suggest that you take the time to re-invent your store. Be prouder of it. Put a great new color in the window, purple, lilac, or turquoise would be very appropriate and fashionable at this time. Most times you need to show something different or showy to attract the customer. DON'T BE AFRAID TO STAND OUT! HAVE FUN WITH IT!

Put out some candies, play some new music, display fresh flowers, and as always greet your customers with a smile.



P.S.: I'd love for you to send me a picture of your store. Attached is mine, maybe I can come up with some ideas with you.

Back from Vegas

Jeff just returned from Surfaces and lost too much money at craps table. Celebrated with his good friend Dave Snedeker at his 50th B'day and had a nice dinner, and he is looking forward to many more with him. World market seemed crowded and there seems to be a bit of optimism in the air.

Back from Europe

Eva and I traveled again to Paris and other countries to source new colors for the upcoming year. I think you'll all be excited at our new finds and directions we will be showing at markets in the coming year.

Best of luck to all in 2010 

Atlanta Market January '10

Dear Customers/Friends,

For those who did not get a chance to attend the January show in Atlanta, we would like to wish you a prosperous and healthy New Year. Although it was 13 degrees and freezing rain/snow in Atlanta the activity and optimism filled the hallways and the showrooms.

There was a lot of interest in our new Australian aboriginal tufted rugs, which were featured in the front of showroom. Australian aboriginal art and artifacts adorned the walls to enhance the theme. It seemed people were still looking for transitional designs and asking about new colors and trends. In our higher end collections our transitional designs were very well received. It was refreshing to see that designers were not looking for the usual blue and brown. We were also excited to win one of the awards at the Magnificent Carpet award ceremony, style 1906 from our Peshawar quality, a transitional design. An interesting arts and craft design with new color turquoise which can be found on our website.

Attached is a picture of Charles Cashin receiving the award and a picture of our showroom with the Australian Aboriginal theme. On another note we would also like to congratulate Les Stroh for the new face of Rug News magazine the new size and quality is truly a magnificent and significant change.


Please, keep checking our website for new updates and designs. Our blog is now available for your opinions and thoughts and Jeff will definitely get a kick hearing from you.

Wishing you the best for the upcoming year,
The Amici Family